I know I was not. We love our Dachshunds and only want the best for them yet I failed on the one part of his life that he needs most – health. Because I was ignorant about what he was eating.

My friends, family and the Dachshund Rescue Organization that I foster for know I am a huge Dachshund lover and I want nothing more than for my own little Dachshund to be happy and healthy. Most people I meet when we are out for our walk remember me because of my Dachshunds.

A couple of years ago Dachshund Luke got very sick and needed an emergency operation. It was a scary and frightening experience to watch my healthy little one become so sick and lethargic.

As if this was not bad enough I was shocked to find out that the dog food I was feeding him had caused it all. His vet explained that the food that I was feeding Dachshund Luke was too rich for him, contained too much fat and had cause his stomach to swell up with acid and a blockage in the tiny tube leading into it. I thank god that he survived the operation but it was a long seven day stay at the vets and nearly a month of recovery at home before he was truly back to his old self. He has a scar that runs the whole length of his little belly. This is my reminder to not blindly trust but to learn.

To watch a healthy dog become so sick and nearly lose them is an experience I never want to go through again. I still feel so guilty for feeding him the cute little cans of expensive dog food and not even having any inkling that it might be harming him. I am so grateful that I was able to pay for the large vet bill.

Since then he has been on a combination of prescription food, dog food that I trust and homemade. He occasionally gets sick due to finding and eating something he shouldn’t but we are very vigilant now and do all we can to keep him healthy and yes I have to admit spoilt – but not with food and treats that I no longer trust.

I am an internet addict so this experience sent me hunting on websites to try to find out what was in the dog food I was feeding him. Then when the dog food recall happened more horrid truths came out.

I have put together an article on all the information that I could find to give to people who adopt our foster Dachshunds and have at last had time to get it on the web so all Dachshund lovers can be informed. I feel strongly about giving our Dachshunds the best, healthy life that we can. Health starts with the food that we feed them. We should all be aware what is in the food they are eating so that we can make informed decisions.

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