Bernese Mountain Dog

This Bernese mountain dog is a farm dog, which has its origin from Switzerland. It is popularly called as the Berner. These dogs were able to sustain very cold temperatures, because of their long and heavy coat. As their stature is very strong, they can perform their duties even during the deadly winters.

The height of this Berner is anywhere around 23 to 27.5 inches. Their weight is around 71 to 100 pounds. They can be recognized very easily due to the uniqueness in the pattern of their color. Their head and ears are black, eyes and stockings are tan and the remaining parts of the body are white. Generally all the Berners, has the same kind of pattern, if at all there are any differences, then it would only on the percentage of white on the body. They have very expressive brown eyes. To keep their coat, neat and glossy, you need to brush them regularly.

Though the Bernese is not known for their hardihood, still they have to be given exercises and many physical activities. They love to march along with you, and do not face any kind of joint problems. They are very affectionate dogs, so you have to give them a lot of attention.

Nothing can beat the attitude of these dogs. The Bernese Mountain dogs are also very smart and steady. The quality of being extremely affectionate and loyal forces these dogs to protect you, but do not match the level of a watch dog. They are very warmhearted with people and other dogs. Training these dogs can be successful only when he is trained regularly. This breed of dogs are good in thinking and slow in picking up things, so you have to be patient while you train them. The Bernese mountain dog is very friendly towards children; though they are massive in size they treat kids very gently. They are very patient and have a very firm outlook.

The Berners are a pleasure to watch when they perform at the wagon ride in any of the parades. Due to their composure and calmness, they were first made to pull wagons for kids in order to entertain them.

Food comprising of 1.5 cans of meat with some biscuit can be given to them. They also like having dog food which is nutritious. They can have about 5 cups.

In case you have a fence yard, then this Bernese Mountain Dog is the best choice. Training them at the initial stages would be extremely difficult. So the trainer has to be very good at his work and very forbearing. At a very young age, training and socializing has to be practiced. Trying to socialize or train them at later stages would be a tough task. If you have young children at home, then do not get a Berner. They hate to be governed. They are not a good pet for the elderly and the disabled people. They would not be able to manage this breed.

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